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Prom -June 07. 2015
It was an evening for ball gowns, music and dancing. For yet another group of seniors, it's been an...
ISC Dubai Graduation 2015 - May. 22. 2015
Today, Friday, 22 May, we throw our caps up in the air and put an end to this chapter of our lives. Time flew by way...
ISC-Dubai Graduation - May. 22. 2015
ISC-Dubai Graduation Ceremony 2015 (Video)
ISC-Dubai Tree Planting Ceremony 2015 - May. 22. 2015
ISC-Dubai Tree Planting Ceremony 2015 (Video)
Seniors' 15 Trip to Singapore - March 27. 2015
There's a first time for everything. We, Class of 2015, were the first seniors of ISC-Dubai to travel abroad.
Time Capsule Ceremony - March. 24. 2015
It’s been a tradition of SLO Dubai for a few years now: the current seniors bury their year-long memories for the...
The International School of Choueifat — Dubai

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