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  • “I have successfully embarked on a career in financial services. Without question, it was ISC-Dubai that built my solid academic foundation. The frequent testing and preparation for external exams pushed me to work independently under pressure and with confidence. I am proud to be an ISC-Dubai graduate.”

    Gauri Gupta
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    current intern at ACR-Assurances, Ernst & Young

  • “I am studying Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Not only has the SABIS® system adequately prepared me for university, it has also prepared me to be humble and do my best when I am in a stressful situation. Thank you ISC-Dubai.”

    Xiaoman Zhang
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    current student at Cornell University

  • “I am studying at Savannah College of Art and Design and majoring in Advertising with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. University is going great and the external exams I took while at ISC-Dubai gave me extra credit. I was even able to choose which teachers and classes I wanted for the next quarter a day earlier!”

    Neha Guria
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    Savannah College of Art and Design

  • “I am studying Biomedical Life Sciences at McGill University. The first two months have been challenging, but I can honestly say that SABIS® prepared me for the course load. I received credits from AP®s I took, which was extremely convenient because now I’m taking a mix of first year and second year classes.”

    Marilise Chivi
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    currently at McGill University

  • “I am currently majoring in Finance at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Graduating from ISC-Dubai is a great advantage because all the courses I am taking cover everything I have learned in high school. I have SABIS® to thank for that.”

    Layan Barghouthi
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    currently at George Washington University

  • “I am at the University of Toronto majoring in Engineering. I am ahead of most of the students because SABIS® prepared me for a lifetime of success and taught me to always do my best.”

    Abdallah Gomoa
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    currently studying at the University of Toronto

  • “I am studying Management and Economics at the University of Toronto. As an ISC-Dubai graduate coming to Canada, I realized that our curriculum was very up to date and ahead of other high school graduates. The constant tests and assignments at ISC-Dubai taught me the definition of being prepared.”

    Tarek Nassif
    ISC-Dubai graduate
    currently studying at the University of Toronto