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Application Form

Student Data
Sibling(s) attending SABIS
New Admission

Has your child previously applied to a school within the SABIS® School network?New Admission
Has your child previously attended a school within the SABIS® School network?
Will your child require school transportation?
Previous School Information
Languages(s) spoken at home
Has your child ever skipped or been asked to repeat a school year?
Has your child been involved in any advanced, gifted / talented program, faced some sort of learning difficulty (speech/language therapy), or been tested for psychological purposes?
Consent to Use Student Personal Data in Photo/Audio/Video

During the academic year, the school may occasionally ask students to be photographed, videoed or recorded, for use in marketing campaigns with purposes including but not limited to promoting the School and SABIS®, their educational products, and activities including extracurricular activities.

Please read the full consent form before providing your response below.