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Last Day for the Class of 2014

The last day of school for seniors was exciting and emotional at the same time.

During 2nd break, all our teachers surprised us by coming out from behind the theatre curtains and throwing confetti at us. This alone had the tears flowing for most students. More emotions followed when the teachers came down the stage and hugged each one of us. That was the last time we would see our teachers, so we couldn’t help but feel sad. We were even more touched when the teachers ordered pizza for us. While we happily munched on the pizza, some students danced to some of our favorite songs. This lovely gesture ended with a photo of all the teachers and students.

After the last class, everyone changed into their clothes according to their team color. Some students brought water guns and others brought shaving cream, and a war started when students started spraying each other. On the field, human foosball along with other games awaited the seniors. The games that the teachers prepared really stirred up a lot of emotions but most of us were moved by the banner on the fence of the football field that read: We will miss you seniors ’14.

After the chaos on the field, everyone gathered in the Admin area to cut the cake and the seniors all sang a song together. Then, we went out to the fountain where we buried our time capsule. When that was over, everyone started crying again since the end was finally here. No one wanted to part ways, but we had to move on. Our last day of school is not the end but a new beginning of a new chapter of our lives.

“Seniors ’14, we will always keep you in our hearts!”

-Kyung-Ryun Christina Lee

The International School of Choueifat — Dubai

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